Parent’s Day October 2013

by maryann on October 17, 2013

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Picture drawn by Hillary in Kenya

by maryann on January 8, 2013

picture drawn by Hillary of Sam

Letter from Damaris (mother of Hillary and Hudson) December 2012

Letter from Damaris, December 2012

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Letter from Damaris – mother of Hillary and Hudson in Kenya

December 26, 2012

Hi Maryann, Receive a lot of greatings from Damaris. Hillary and Hudson, hope you are going on well through God’s favour. Hillary and Hudson are now in the house from school, they arrived on Sunday and both are health, and a lot of smile. They say sorry for you and wish God to heal you […]

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Back to school!

May 11, 2012

Two young men in Kenya are on their way back to school today! Our pen pals Hillary and Hudson are attending higher education in a boarding school hours from the village where they were raised. Thanks to THE CHOCOLATE THERAPIST for generously donating $1.00 from each custom “Cows gone Wild” chocolate bar sold during the […]

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Letter received from Damaris on April 2, 2012

April 2, 2012

Hi Maryann, It is almighty since we exchange the words with you. I thank God for this wonderful moment that God has given to us. Through our almighty God we are still a life and we thank God because of that. Hillary and Hudson are asking about balls and T-leaves that you are to brought […]

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Photos from Kenyan School

November 16, 2011


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Funeral for the cousin

October 19, 2011

Hi Maryann, Receive a lot of greetings from Damaris, hope that you are doing well as usual. I thank God for the wonderful atmosphere that He gave us to breath. After that I have a very sad message from home, that first son of my sister who is in form four this year and he […]

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Damaris nearby, but not injured in deadly Kenyan explosion

September 15, 2011

This week, I heard about a deadly explosion near our penpal’s home  in Kenya.  Jessica Posner, co-founder of Shining Hope for Communities in Kibera (near our penpals) wrote on her Facebook account that she was okay after the explosion.  I immediately emailed Damaris (the Mum of our penpals) to see if she was alright.  Luckily, […]

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Successful semester for Hillary and Hudson!

August 21, 2011

Our pen-pals Hillary and Hudson just completed another semester at their boarding school in Kenya.  It is a long bus ride between their mother’s home and their school.  We were able to send them the bus fare so the boys could visit their Mum over the break.  Times have been especially hard in their area […]

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Beautiful letter from Damaris

August 21, 2011

Letter from Damaris in May 2011 Dear Maryann, Thank you so much and God bless.  I with my two boy Hillary &Hudson we were being stranded about the school and even Hillary was asked that is our pen pal send for us money for next tuition and Hudson told him that lets pray so that […]

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